Amazing New Webcomic Series!


Something I haven’t been explicitly open about on this site is the fact that I’m transgender. That is, I’m a woman whose gender was assigned as ‘male’ at birth.

It’s absolutely not anything I’m ashamed of, but it’s also not something I feel defines who I am, or, really, is anybody else’s business. But I do know that when I was still figuring out life, that I really could have used more ‘normal’ media talking about trans stuff. Not seedy fetish sites. Not weird Japanese cartoons (also highly fetishistic :p ). Not even trans forums (where there are tons of good people ready to help but where it still felt ‘taboo’ to my timid and confused self). It needs to be on neutral ground alongside other, non-trans related content.

So I think it’s important that I make that a part of what I do here. Also, the experience of being trans is just straight up a goldmine of comedic material! How could I not make webcomics about all the weird shit that happens to me on a daily basis? So, I’ll be devoting some of my webcomic postings now and then to my ongoing series, entirely based on my life, called “Life of Bria“! (how could I not call it that?)LifeofBria_1

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