Retro Saturday – feat. – The 24 hour Graphic Novel


At 286 pages, you might think that Time Tourists was my longest graphic novel. But it’s not. Not even close. 

Years ago, in Art School, I was inspired by my furious experiences working as a treeplanter, and by the grueling Seigan training sessions of the swordmaster and calligrapher, Yamaoka Tesshu, to create the longest graphic novel I could in a 24 hour period. This resulted in, the story of a website that becomes self aware and runs for president, eventually resulting in giving alligators the vote and nuclear war.

It stars Mystery Snail, the world’s greatest detective, and Helpful Coyote, a hard-nosed cop with a mysterious, ninja-related past. It is utterly demented and incomprehensible, and it spans some five-hundred pages. I haven’t come close to scanning them all, and at this point don’t even know where the originals are. But here I’ve managed to preserve some of my favorites.

Warning: Do not expect this to make any sense whatsoever.smallpresdotcomsmallpresdotcom0001smallpresdotcom0002smallpresdotcom0104smallpresdotcom0105smallpresdotcom0106



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