A very special ‘Retro Saturday’


In celebration of my first major graphic novel, Time Tourists, being printed, I’m going to show you something very precious: the very first comic I ever drew!


You’d better believe I’m going to make a shirt based off that title page!

I present to you Dust Bunny #1! Drawn when I was seven years old, practically illegible, and only a page and a third long, my first comic ever  tells the story of a young up-and-coming super hero looking to make a name for himself. He gets beat up in a bar, fights old people, and then finally takes on a legion of super villains!


I did quite a few more comics as a kid, including more Dust Bunny stories. Luckily my mom saved them all (thanks, mom!)

So, what better way to pay tribute to a classic, lighthearted children’s super hero than to give it a gritty, Hollywood reboot!? I present to you… Dust!


Yup, just like the original!


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