Computer Update: I have wonderful fans!


After putting out a call for help to replace my non-working, never-that-great-to-begin-with computer I very quickly found out how much I’m loved and how very lucky I am.

Within a couple of hours I raised all the money I needed to get a working computer and I’m pleased to announce that LifeofBria will be back on track by Thursday next week!

I honestly had been struggling for some time with whether or not what I’m doing here had any value. It’s a great big, lonely world out there for artists and content creators, and you often just can’t tell whether or not anybody is listening to what you are saying. Well, yesterday I learned that people are listening.  I learned that I am loved, that people care about what I’m doing here, and that in some small way, I matter. And now, knowing that I actually have a following of people who care about what I do, I’m going to work even harder at LifeofBria! I’m going to keep pushing with what I’m doing because, it matters, goddammit!

So, please, if you like somebody’s art or writing or their activism or anything special that they do, tell them. No matter how famous or unknown or outside of your usual social circle they are, let them know that somebody saw their work and it affected them.

Because, trust me, no matter who they are, hearing that will mean the world to them.

Thanks for all the love! I won’t let you down!


2 thoughts on “Computer Update: I have wonderful fans!

  1. You and your work with ‘Life of Bria’ are valued and valuable! If I were not scraping spare change together just to live, I would be supporting you financially, like a church — with 10% each month! But rent and my Internet suck up all of my money. Just, please, know that you are loved and appreciated! 🙂


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