New ‘No Other’ page, an updated Patreon and Bitcoin!

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New page of my comic about dinosaurs today!

I’m sticking to my promise to post something every single day. Today I’ve put out a new page of what I’m referring to as my ‘Dino Opera’, No Other. I know this story has a few fairly dedicated fans, but what I’m interested in is if people would like there to be more frequent updates on it? Especially given that the pages read pretty quickly. No matter what I’m going to keep putting up something of it every week, but if there’s a demand for it I’ll spend more time on it and maybe start getting 2-3 pages up per week instead of just the one.

I’ve also cleaned up my Patreon account! I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but I’m poor as sh*t, and with the amount of work I put into the site I’m literally working two full-time jobs right now. Not only would it make my life immensely easier if I got paid for one of those jobs, but it would also help me keep feeling like people are liking what I’m doing.


I’ve done the math, and if even just a third of the regular readers of the site donated a mere $1.00/month, I could quit my stupid service industry job and then could truly work on the site full-time.


So if you like what I do, please consider helping out.

Also! Thanks to a suggestion of a fan, I now accept Bitcoins!

I’m pretty new to this. So, for now, simply send donations to:



But, of course, even just you reading this is supporting me. So thank you so much!





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