Tablet crisis = solved. New comics and freelance work resume.

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Despite the fact that the majority of the work I do is with brush and ink, eventually everything has to get digitized for me to finish and then post it. So when my lovely new Cintiq that was generously donated to me last month developed a problem, it paralyzed my output somewhat. The Cintiq’s not fixed, but I got myself a temporary ¬†emergency tablet, and now work can resume.


That means a new webcomic today. It also means I can continue working on my various jobs I’ve been hired to do. So if you’re waiting on a drawing from me, don’t worry, it’s on its way!

Here’s one I did this morning that I’m sorta proud of:

PulpClausIt’s dark, I know. But I just draw what they tell me to draw! So hit me up if you want a piece of that sweet Bria artwork!


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