New Comic and T-shirt designs

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It’s still technically Thursday, so the new comic up today is still technically on time! I decided I think drawing people is boring. So now there’s just, like, animal people in my comics as well. Go ahead, make your furry jokes! I don’t care!

I’ve also started designing T-shirts for a few different companies. Here’s my most recent design:


So how about it? Would you wear a ‘Bria shirt’?

One thought on “New Comic and T-shirt designs

  1. Hell yes I would wear a Bria shirt! I needs it, actually. Owls are my thing! Can you link to the seller’s site, when you are able?

    Also, I am new to The Life of Bria but it is my absolute favorite. I have laughed out loud, loved, and cried. Thank you so much for making this comic! I intend to buy a bleep ton of merch…once I find one of those pesky jobs I keep hearing about.

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