Friday Update.

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‘No Other’ is my dino-opera set just after the cataclysmic end of the Age of Reptiles

Usually Fridays are when my dinosaur comic, ‘No Other‘, updates. But hardly anybody reads it in comparison to my regular webcomics. So I may just put it on the back burner for
the next while.

In the meantime, that means more webcomics! There’s one up today  in place of the usual dino comic, and likely I will be sticking to the usual schedule of Monday, Thursday, Friday. Though I may add Wednesday into the mix as well.

How do you feel about this? Would you rather I keep going on ‘No Other’? If I get enough interest, then I will. Otherwise, it’s gonna be webcomics as far as the eye can see!

cisexismOnce again, this all comes down to money. Right now, I basically live a skeleton of a life. All I do is work, and I still barely make ends meet. I have no leisure time and no money to spend on non-essentials. I also barely eat and I sleep five hours a night. Such is to be expected when you’re an artist. But that means any art I do that isn’t proving to be too popular is essentially a luxury I cannot afford.

But the fact that people come here and read my comics and send me messages about how they affect them, it makes it all worth while.

Thank you so very much for reading. I mean it.

– Bria

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