Life of Bria on temporary hiatus


Dear Reader,

Life of Bria will be going on hiatus for a couple of weeks while I recover from GRS. There will still be updates about “Live With Bria” podcast episodes each week, which I have pre-recorded and will go out as scheduled. There’s some really, really good ones lined up. And while I know that technically makes it no longer ‘live’, it’s that or nothing, so…

I just want to thank you all for taking the time to read and share my comics. It truly means so much to me. And also, in light of all the controversy and hatred that has been directed at our community both recently and all of this year, I just want to say how thankful and honoured I am that I get to be alive at this special time in history.

For all the scary things going on, I firmly believe this is the turning point for us. Every day we’re winning more and more, and we can all say we were a part of that. For every single day you’re helping our cause, whether by reading and sharing material by myself and others, by being politically active and informed and getting out and voting, and even just by existing, you challenge those who would try to erase us from public life. There has never yet been a better time in history to be trans, and the more I learn about my readers and our community, the stronger I realize you all are, and the more firmly I believe we have what it takes to claim our rightful, equal place in society.

Never before in my life did I ever feel like I was part of any kind of ‘community’. But now I finally do, and I couldn’t be more proud.

See you in a couple of weeks!

– Bria

2 thoughts on “Life of Bria on temporary hiatus

  1. I wondered why I haven’t seen anything from you recently. Hope your GRS recovery goes as quickly as mine did. Looking forward to you return, miss ya 🌹


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