I was hired this week to do a commission of a Shin Godzilla. The thing is huge; much bigger than my drawing desk. This makes it hard to photograph. But I did my best to document both the entire composition as well as a scan to show the fine details. What do you think?

Would you want a Bria monster hanging on your wall?


A more detailed scan of the King.


The entire composition.


This sort of shows the scale of the paper behind me. I am also very cute in this picture.

4 thoughts on “Godzillerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  1. This is offensive cultural appropriation! Godzillerrrrrrrrr? That’s an offensive stereotype for how Japanese people talk. As a Japanese american, I find this racist and unacceptable. That people like you would think this type of racial rhetoric would be acceptable in 2017 shows how far we have to go as a society! Get educated about Japanese people and stop making disgusting jokes at our expense. You should be ashamed of yourself!


    1. You know what my favourite Godzilla film is? Any of the ones dubbed over by Texan voice actors. Because of their Texan accents they all pronounce ‘Godzilla’ as ‘Godziller’. It’s amazing. I also enjoy ninja films dubbed over by British voice actors. Every time they say ‘Ninja’, they say ‘Ninjer’ instead. A much superior word IMO.


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