Custom Cards by Bria

One of Sabrina’s great passions in life is to illustrate custom, hand-drawn birthday/engagement/greeting/wedding/get well/baby/whatever you want cards for people. She now performs this valuable service for the public at large.

Choose from:Bria_point_colour_cropped

Basic black and white card (single, simple image) = $15.00 (+$1.30 for shipping and handling)
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Basic Color Card = $25.00 (+$1.30 for shipping and handling)
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Deluxe black and white card (multiple figures/images) = $25.00 (+$1.30 for shipping and handling)
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Deluxe Color Card = $35.00 (+$1.30 for shipping and handling)
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Have your card ALSO be a comic strip!!!! = $50.00  (shipping and handling is free for that bad boy!!)
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If you don’t do the paypal thing, you can place an order by e-mailing Be sure to state:

1) What/who the card is for.

2) Deluxe or Basic card? Color or black and white? See prices above. Color and deluxe cards may  take a day longer to complete.

3) Any specific material or message you want on it. If you leave it entirely up to Sabrina, results will likely be hilarious and/or mildly offensive.

4) What address you want this thing sent to. The cards themselves can be completed in a day or less, but please allow several days for the card to arrive in the mail. Or, do you live nearby? Why not come pick it up and save yourself some shipping AND get the joy of handing your card to your loved one in person!


Have a Happy Birthday, or whatever the crap it is you’re celebrating!

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2 thoughts on “Custom Cards by Bria

  1. hi,

    send my your 17 pg submission 🙂

    i’ll sen Teds notes when i get to my office Tuesday




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