Cover Page for Issue #2

Cover Page for Issue #2

In the small community of Olympic Island in Washington state, strange shadows move in the dark. People disappear, bizarre creatures are sighted in the woods, and a mantle of unknown terror hangs over the entire town. It’s up to sheriff’s deputy, John Sullivan, to investigate this mysterious threat all on his own.

It’s ‘Stargate‘ meets ‘X-files‘ in Zombie Robot Comics’ Sci-fi/Horror hit, ‘Ultraterrestrial‘! Written by Andrew Burke, and illustrated by Sabrina Symington.

To order issues of Ultraterrestrial, or to learn more about ZRC’s other exciting series, visit www.zombierobotcomics.com.

If you live in Vancouver, BC, Ultraterrestrial is available for sale at The Comic Shop at 3518 west 4th avenue, and at rx Comics at 2418 Main street.

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