Moar Bria, moar places!


I’m so very, very proud to announce that LifeofBria comics will now be cross-posted on, a resource that has served the community for longer than I can remember!

I’m honored to be included as a contributor to such a long standing and important pillar of the community.

There are actually tons of places you can keep up to date with LifeofBria. From following


Father’s Day is coming up. Why not get your dad a Custom Card By Bria?

me on Twitter Or by following the LifeofBria Facebook Page. Comics are also posted regularly on reddit via r/transgender.


Also, I hate doing this, but, seriously, I need money. Making comics is time consuming, and generally speaking, the majority of the work I do is completely unpaid.  You can support by hiring me to produce commissions or custom greeting cards, or by donating to me directly via paypal Donate with PayPal .

I’m going to keep doing this no matter what, but there is a direct correlation between how much content I can produce and how little I have to work at outside jobs. If I can make this my full time job, believe me, I will, and it is you, dear readers, who will benefit the most from that.

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