Holy graphic novels online, Batman!


Web_NoOther_2I’ve decided to try something. I’ve decided to release my current graphic novel project, No Other, serially online. It is always better for people to be reading your work rather than not. So rather than sitting on this book until a publisher picks it up, I’m putting it out into the world for people to have a look at. If there’s enough interest, I’ll get it printed. But until then, enjoy! And if you enjoy it enough, consider donating so I can keep this all going.

Read ‘No Other




I’ve also decided to release the first chapter of my very first full-length graphic novel, Time Tourists, online as well!! I get a lot of positive reviews from people who read the book, and so I’d just like it if more people were exposed to it. Check out the first chapter, and if you like it enough, you can order the book online. It only gets better and better as it goes on!

Read ‘Time Tourists




If you like those, you’ll probably like my short, moralistic comic novella, Grasshopper vs Ants. It’s a fun little story I did back in art school that I appreciate more and more with time. You can read the whole thing online, as well as order hard copies.

Read ‘Grasshopper vs Ants

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