Your true self, visualized


I hope it wasn’t too conspicuous that I haven’t produced a comic or much of any other comment on the atrocity in Orlando. Part of the reason why is I feel I already said what I have to offer in my comic on guns a few weeks ago, which I reposted on Twitter and Facebook the morning after news of the shooting broke. I had hoped the gun violence argument of that one was becoming less and less relevant, and I was sad to be shown that wasn’t the case.

Of course, I hope it goes without saying that I stand in support with the LGBTQI community at large, and offer my condolences to the survivors and the families of the victims.

The other thing that has kept me occupied this week has been producing this:


A reader of the site, and, I like to think, dear friend of mine, who is in the beginning stages of her transition, commissioned me to create a visualization of the woman she is working to become. I call this a “True-Self Portrait” and it is something I have been wanting to move into doing for people ever since another dear friend of mine drew a picture of me when I was first starting my transition:


Few things have meant more to me than receiving this drawing. Thank you, Marc.

It meant so much to me, not only to have a visual representation of my true self, but to have one produced by another person; to know that someone else could see the woman that I am.

Ever since then I have been determined to offer that same service to others. To help them feel the same way I did.

So, not only I am now offering this service to the public, but because I feel it is so useful and important, the rates I charge (because, yeah, I need to charge money for my art, unfortunately) will be significantly reduced from my normal commission rates. To learn more or to place an order, go to the True-Self Portrait Page or you can e-mail me directly @

We CAN see who you are. And you are magnificent.

2 thoughts on “Your true self, visualized

  1. I’ve struggled with it, but I live in the US, being trans in the US gives me a 1 in 12 chance of being murdered. Before i transitioned I liked guns, probably not for the best of reasons. I was, much to my great shame, a conservative asshole. Post transition, and living in the and neighborhoods America puts its disabled, and not having the good fortune of your luck with passing, (face surgery only does so much when you are 6’2) I have to worry about violence, its funny, I got my pistol permit AFTER I transitioned, its ironic, before I had dreams of having a permit, now I have one I see it as a drain and responsibility that I wish was not necessary, but I need to make sure my partner and I are safe, I wish it wasn’t a necessity, but in Trump land I still prefer it to being murdered.

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