The Life of Bria Blog is back on!

From August 2020. As a transgender Taoist, I adore The Monkey King from the Chinese classic, Journey to the West.

I identify as a Taoist, and part of my practice as a Taoist is to follow my natural inclinations in order to sort through the confusion of living so much of my life as the wrong gender and find my “true nature”. This led me to learn in 2020 that I have ADD (they don’t often diagnose adults with the ‘H’). These two things translate into me constantly trying new things and pursuing many different projects – often too many.

One thing in particular I am trying out in 2021 is spending less time on social media. But I still want an outlet to write my thoughts down, as well as broadcast some of the many different things I get up to as an artist. So the obvious choice is to resurrect the blog format my site once followed back when I started it up back in 2015!

Chapter 1 of The Urban Animal

My big focus in 2021 will still be on my horror “graphic exorcism”, The Urban Animal, sequel to my previous horror story, She Never Came Out. Currently my plan with TUA is to complete and release chapters 2 and 3, before wrapping up the remaining 5 chapters to release leading up to Halloween 2021.

I am also spending a lot of time doing live streams, primarily through my twitch page. Sundays at 6 PM PST I host The Sunday Portrait, where I interview and draw a new guest each week.

Tuesdays at 6 PM I stream my attempts at toymaking on my show, Dollarstore Kitbash.

And on Thursdays (also at 6 PM) I run voice feminization workouts for trans people on Transgender Voice Training Time. Episodes get uploaded to my Youtube channel so trainees can go back to them to train alongside.

This week’s guest is NOT Knave. I just haven’t made the thumbnail yet lol

This Spring, my new graphic novel, and sequel to First Year Out, Coming Out Again, is being released by Signing Dragon Press. This story continues after the first book, but focuses on a variety of characters and explores various aspects of identity and how people’s identities can evolve over time. Look for it in March 2021!

Recent portrait commission.

Finally, I am opening art commissions once again! Pencil head shot sketches start at $10. Send me an e-mail at lifeofbria @ to get a quote for your project.

I always have lots of arty things on the go, so be sure check back here every Friday to get a look at what I get up to in 2021!


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