Nobody has to listen to the US or conservatives about anything ever again.


This comic is indicative of my mental state – NO I am not befriending neo-nazis. I mean I sketched it up on a whim but then sat on it for over a week because I was unsure what to do with it, before accidentally posting it as a blog post when I meant to just make a web page for it. (don’t manage your website before coffee, kids!)

Art is my life, but I feel all my hard work isn’t being properly focused. This is why I am planning to finally get some help – NO I am not checking into a psych ward (though I probably should). I am planning to take on an assistant, somebody to help me in my studio and manage my page. I know I could be a lot more effective in my efforts if I had somebody backing me up and taking care of things that, frankly, I am not very good at. I’ll keep you posted about how this proceeds, and hopefully it will translate into things running more smoothly around here.

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